Thursday, September 17, 2020

Via: Suzi McAlpine | The Art of Leadership | The 51% Rule

 "As a leader, I'm sure you know that dealing with conflict is a given part of the job. Conflict can be healthy for a team, provided it's focused around the right things and handled in the right way. But have you ever had a conflict between two people or departments that was hard to see an end to? Have you ever seen two parties reaching a bit of a stalemate, both refusing to budge?

It's at times like these when the 51% Rule is a game-changing tool. The rule, created by Professor Angus McLeod, requires us to assume we have 51% of the responsibility for any given problem we're facing with another person. 

It sounds simple, because it is. But a small adjustment in mindset can entirely transform the way we're looking at a conflict in the workplace, and adding it to your conflict resolution toolkit will hold you in good stead for dealing with any future disagreements within your team. Have a further read about the 51% Rule on my blog, and let me know if you can think of situations in your own work where the tool might come in handy."

Post by: Suzi McAlpine

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