Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Empathy - lesson by Brené Brown (Dare to Lead)

 Today's lesson from #daretoleadbrenèbrown is in empathy the antidote of shame.

Brené identifies 5 key skills of empathy:

💚 Perspective taking - include, respect and value diverse perspectives.

💚 Be non-judgemental - Judgement stems from areas we feel shame or vulnerability. Know these areas and build our self-worth here.

💚  Understand others feelings &
💚 communicate this understanding (see picture) 

💚 mindfulness/paying attention to the person you are showing up for.

Further to this she identifies 6 key ways we miss opportunities to show empathy:

😶  Showing sympathy vs empathy - sympathy = feeling for people 
Empathy = feeling with people

😶 The gasp and awe - "ohhhh I would just die if that happened to me"

😶 the mighty fall - holding the person coming to you to your high expectations " I just never expected that from you" (disappointment in them)

😶 The block and tackle - How did you let this happen? Who is he/she we will sort him/her!

😶 The boots and shovel - making it better so you're not uncomfortable. "It's not that bad - you're amazing "

😶 If you think that's bad - using someone's experience to one up them. 

It's inevitable we will seek and be sought for empathy. We will make mistakes. But it's about how you show up and embrace vulnerability.

Not my own post - (Source: Unknown)

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