Saturday, September 15, 2012

Year 1 inspire Year 5/6

My Year 1 students inspired a Year 5/6 class in our school to start their own blogs.  Their teacher asked me to help with setting up individual blogs for her class - an opportunity I really enjoyed. Looking at their blogs regularly, it is very rewarding to see these senior students so enthusiastic about their blogging.
Although this is in the early stages, I am also pleased that my Year 1's are starting to use their blogs as an e-portfolio by publishing and reflecting on their learning.  They have started using the Voice Memo app on our iPods to record the audio for their blogs.  They are encouraged to  come and get an iPod if there is anything about their learning that they want to share or reflect on. They have become more independent with their blogging and are even sharing, publishing and commenting on other blogs from home now!
Taking 'baby steps' this year by just starting them to publish a piece of their writing on their blogs to now moving slowly ahead to new challenges, is definitely paying off. 
Positive comments on their learning from parents and people all over the world are coming in, which makes this a meaningful experience for all.


  1. You inspire all of us to encourage our students to reflect and blog. Thanks for inspiring me it certainly adds to my teaching and pushes me to give these opportunities to my students and that is why we are's the children, the children, the children.

    1. Thank you Mel. How great that we can inspire each other to learn and grow together as teachers for the benefit of our students.

      I've published two comments from one of my Year 1 students today which was made on peer blogs during our current holiday period. This is mind blowing and I think the seed has been planted!