Friday, July 12, 2013

Effective Pedagogy Reflection (Term 2)

My principal and I had a discussion today about our disbelieve that the holiday is already upon us, although I did remark that I was 'ready' for a holiday two weeks ago!

I am in the process of reflecting on a term gone by as "Effective pedagogy requires that teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students" (NZC, page 35)

This will have me looking closely at student achievement data as well as using OTJ's. I will be posing questions about outcomes, successes and where my students are at. I am currently analyzing and interpreting information, from a range of assessment approaches (short term and long term), to consider next steps for learning.

How will I use this new information to decide what to do next to ensure continued improvement in student achievement and in my practice?
By reflecting on progress, observations, current vs initial data to see how it went and what strategies have made a difference to my students' learning. I will also consider what new teaching strategies & tools I will use.

I am excited to know what my focusing inquiry will be -what my students need to learn next, as well as deciding on the teaching inquiry that I am going to try in Term 3.

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