Friday, September 27, 2013

Class Musical - Save the Earth

After lengthy discussions, the decision was made that we will not have our yearly School Production, instead each class will have to produce a Class Musical.
And while our principal offered to buy each class their choice of a musical, I made the brave decision to create my own class musical for our Term 3 'The Arts' unit.

After my class' involvement in the global classroom project called the Travelling Rhinos and all the learning we were involved in because of that, I decided that the theme of Save the Earth would work a treat for my students and this would also be excellent for leading into our term 4's inquiry of the 'Living World'.

My students and I worked hard, learning five new songs with dance moves from week one and parents got involved with costumes for students.

All our hard work paid off and on the 'big day', my 5-year old students performed with confidence and needless to say, I was so proud of them!  

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