Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reporting - a never ending job

The Ministry of Education requires schools to report in writing to parents, families and whānau at least twice a year about a students progress and achievement in reading, writing and maths, in relation to National Standards.  Schools can report in a variety of ways through formal reports, student portfolios, e-portfolios and workbooks.

Teachers normally spend a lot of time to link all assessment data, anecdotal notes and OTJ's to do a report justice.  I love to reflect and inquire where my students are at and how they have progressed through the year, no matter how small that progress might be.

And while during this time, I sometimes felt that life was passing me by, it was fantastic to see and being able to report in a formal way about the improvement of my students.  I am so proud of them all, their hard work and perseverance during this year.

I can only see it as a privilege to have been able to be part of my 5 year old students' learning journey and I am looking forward to hearing some great things about them in the future.  

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