Saturday, April 11, 2015

TeachMeetNZ - Celebration

I have been involved in #TeachMeetNZ since 2013, either by presenting or as part of the support team... and I am still in awe of the host, Sonya.  Her ability to bring this all together with fabulous educators to share their learning by way of this PL&D platform is just mind blowing.  I feel so honoured to be part of it.  Thank you Sonya! 

The best part [for me] is that there is always something new to learn at each and everyone one of these sessions!

Today I've learnt about itunesU, through Nick's presentation. This is something I would really like to explore. James talked about student voice in the wider world. With his presentation he confirmed my view on the importance of blogging with students, to make learning visible and connect beyond the classroom. Then the wonderful 'App smashing' by Steve , which I have used with my Year 1 students before.
Thanks Caroline for sharing with us about the effectiveness of Daily 5. It reminded me that I really need to get this up and running in my class environment again, now that the 5 year old's are more settled at school! Ben, it was great to hear how you are still as passionate about 3D printing as during our #eFellows14 master classes! I still wear my eFellow14 charm (you made for all of us, using the 3D printer) with pride. I really enjoyed listening to Ritu sharing her personal learning journey over the bridge for boys engagement and achievement. I agree that we have to have high expectations for our boys, but so do [I think] we need to have for ourselves and all of our learners. There was also a strong message about independent learning coming through from Ritu, which I really liked.

By just listening to all the presenters, I realize that there is so much more for me to accomplish... and there are many more ways to assist my students to reflect on and think critically about their learning! I can and have to select other technologies and resources that will be effective and address the needs of individual students. My journey is ongoing...

What a privilege to have been part of today's #TeachMeetNZ - who is [by the way] approximately two years old! It was great catching up with Kathy and Monika again too!

The presentation of the stunning line up of educators:

My Storify:

A little memento from Sonya:

~ "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Anthony Robbins ~

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