Saturday, April 16, 2016

Literature Review - Synthesis

We have been busy following the process of looking at what is known already, as well as those for and against our literature review topic [question(s) not clearly defined yet].

I found reading through the academic publications and research on our particular topic to be quite interesting.

Some key points [in short] from the literature are:
  • “...Students’ pride in themselves and motivation increased when their parents, whānau and families were involved in celebration of their learning.” (ERO, June 2008 p.18)
  • “The School may affect home environments  in positive ways with it’s intentional, consistent interaction with parents” (Redding, Langdon, Meyer & Sheley pg1)
  • “An ongoing conversation between parents and teachers about the role of each in children’s learning is key to building the relationship and understanding that enhances school performance” (Redding, Langdon, Meyer & Sheley p.7)
  • “Successful engagement requires strong and committed leadership by the school, as well as opportunities for different members of each school’s community to take on leadership roles” (ERO, June 2008 p.45)
  • “Knowledge of one’s self and intentions, having trusted relationships with Māori, and accepting the “unknowingness” of cross-cultural research all influenced how these Pākehā orientated themselves in kaupapa Māori research. Everyone discussed the individual and collective challenges and benefits they experienced as a result of involvement in kaupapa Māori educational research. For example, Christine reflected that in her experience “there are an increasing number of places where Māori are in control of decision-making, and Pākehā have something to contribute. It’s exciting and I don’t have to worry as much as I have in the past when Māori were advisors but not decisionmakers.” (NZCER - Alex Barnes, Oct 2013 p.23)

Now to start looking at what is relevant to our review...

~ "The more you know about your topic, the more effectively you can tackle your own research problem. It all starts with the literature review." - Unknown ~

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