Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Voyager Graduation

In our final session of this incredible learning journey we recapped our 6 learning phases:

Some of my final take-aways:
Strengths-based perspectives
Emerging vocabulary of positive change (positive psychology):
1. You can remedy the world by looking at character 
2. Building the best is as important than fixing the broken
3. Human beings are not driven by past, but drawn by future 

Positive emotion is as important as negative emotion
Seligman talked about "positive psychology" and that "we need a psychology of rising to the occasion”. Negative emotions narrow the field of attention, but positive emotions opens it up. 

Broaden: Expanding the Thought-Action Repertoire
1. Joy: Playful, Light & Bright, Innovative
2. Interest: Take in New Ideas, Learn More, Explore
3. Love: Life-long Bonds, Trust & Security, Intimacy
4. Hope: Energised to make a Good Life, Believing that Things can Change, Sustained & 
5. Serenity: Sit Back and Soak it In, Savour & Integrate Current Circumstances

From the Principles of AI, I have learnt that the topics we study are fateful and that the future is a human option. "[Management's] task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weakness irrelevant." (Drucker, 2001, p.10)
Inquiry is based on strengths rather than weaknesses. Could it be that ... catalyzing change might be ALL about strengths? 

Appreciative inquiry requires a shift and the genius is in creating the question. The more positive the question the more positive the change.

Happiness and the authentic life

What determines happiness?
50 % Set range (genetics)
10 % Circumstances (where you live, society) 
40 % what is in your control (voluntary variables)

We evaluated ourselves through the:
1. Subjective Happiness Scale
2. Pleasant Life - Measuring Emotional Well-Being - My Score: Pleasant Feelings: 36
                                                                                                  Unpleasant Feelings: 8
                                                                                                  Hedonic balance: 28    

3. Engaged Life - Measuring your Satisfaction with Life - My Score: 33

4. Psychological Flourishing Scale (How you regard yourself) - My Score: 72

Graduation Ceremony:

My Inquiry Presentation:

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