Thursday, June 2, 2016

Using ICT to Enhance Literacy

I have been asked by the Waiariki Literacy Association to present and run a workshop on how ICT can be used to enhance literacy.

Thinking back to when I first started presenting in 2013 under the wing and guidance of an amazing woman Sonya van Schaijik, and then to my CORE Education #eFellows14 presentation at uLearn in 2014 with the support of mentors Louise and John and the fabulous people in our 2014 eFellows group, I know I have come a long way.

Previously, I would be scared to bits just by the thought of giving a presentation, but lately I feel quite excited by the prospect of presenting to a group of people and then giving them the opportunity to 'have a play', whilst supporting and answering questions.

These opportunities also helps me to grow personally, as I get challenged with questions that I [sometimes] do not have all the answers for. Then... back to learning I go!

~ "Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it. Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you go, and fix it along the way…” - Paul Arden ~


  1. Thanks Marnel a great presentation that suited the workshop participants! I'm fired up to sort my I-Pads and get the ball rolling. Fabulous to have PD for junior teachers. Thanks again I appreciate your time and honesty. Its always good to have the time to play.

  2. Thanks Marnel.
    Ah those early days were some of my most exciting personal learning times. You have continued to shoot for the stars. I love seeing what you are do to share your learning and to mentor others to share their learning.