Saturday, October 22, 2016

Being a Connected Leader: Why? How?

As part of Connected Educator Aotearoa NZ (#CENZ16), the Connected Learning Advisory ran an interactive WEBINAR on 19 October where the role of the connected leader was discussed. The webinar included questions like:
- Why should we be connected? 
- How can we connect as leaders? 
And is, as David Weinberger claims, the smartest person in the room, the room?..

Bede Gilmore (Winchester School) and Steph Thompson (Beach Haven Primary School), shared their journeys as connected leaders and the Twitter chat they have developed: #ldrchatNZ.

The main messages that came through from Bede and Steph were:
- "Leadership can be lonely"
- "21st century learning is about collaboration and connection and we as leaders should be      the role models for that."

Then ... a taster of #ldrchatNZ:
Q1: What benefits do you see to being a connected educator?
"#ldrchatNZ A1 benefits are instant high quality targetted filtered info and PD free online 24/7
" - Tony 
"A1 Meeting like minds #ldrchatNZ" - Steph
"#ldrchatNZ A1 no cost no travel no accomodation any device any time reviewable" - Tony
"A1 accessing people I wouldn't ordinarily have access to #ldrchatnz" - Bede
"A1 Sharing ideas and wonderings - getting support #ldrchatnz" - Steph
"A1: like that idea of ubiquitous professional learning #ldrchatNZ " - Philippa
"A1 Always someone who's been there, many ideas, collaboration #ldredchatNZ" - Wendy
"A1 - support from a wider area than I have access to" - Catriona
"A1: like the idea of multiple perspectives, hearing others' voices. Challening our own assumptions #ldrchatNZ" - Philippa
"A1 other voices - Karen Spencer reminded us at uLearn16 to lsiten to people we dont agree with too #ldrchatNZ" - Catriona
"A1 A problem shared is a problem cut down to size #lfrchatnz" - Steph
"A1 you get to 'meet" new people. Steph and I have never met yet we run #ldrchatnz" - Bede

Q2: How do you connect with other educators to grow your PLN (Personal or Professional Learning Network)?
"A2 I look for whats happening by searching #'s eg #agileleadership, #educationalleaders " - Steph
"A2: Follow key people/leaders on twitter etc... then follow who they follow #lrdchatNZ" - Nathaniel
"A2 I've fund taking part in the chats via edchatnz the best way to build up my network" - Bede
"A2 you have to be prepared to put yourself out there though #ldrchatnz" - Bede
"A2 if I meet in real life at a conference I might ask if that person is on twitter #ldrchatnz" - Bede
"A2: I agree Bede - Richard Wells discovered this idea of teachers' identity when looking into how to become connected on twitter #ldrchatNZ" - Philippa
"A2 get involved in conversations, be accessible online and look for people with whom you have connections #ldrchatNZ" - Catriona
"A2 some of the most amazing, cut edge people hang out  on twitter - resource at your fingertips! #ldrchatnz" - Steph
"A2 if I read something or watch a video and want more I look for those people on twitter #ldrchatNZ" - Catriona

Links to resources:

Getting started as a connected educator:

Getting started on Twitter - advice from #edcchatNZ:

Watch / listen to the recording: Being a Connected Leader - 19 Oct 2016

~ "From confusion comes understanding, From understanding comes unity. We are interwoven, we are interconnected. Together as one!" ~ cla_nz

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