Monday, January 22, 2018

Walking on a tightrope

  1. Get-up-and-Go (be determined and full of energy) 
  2. Stop and celebrate [even little] Successes 
  3. Look after myself (no school work after 6.00 pm)
  4. Continue DOing [something] despite difficulties (stick-to-it-iveness) 
  5. Do what I believe to be best for ALL my students as they are my number one priority 
  6. In my role as Assistant Principal and ICT Lead, I will take the 'bad days' in stride and remember that I get to start fresh tomorrow 
  7. Blog more regularly
I will DO more of what I like to regain my energy and to be successful.

For me, 2018 would be like walking on a tightrope... balancing and keeping my eyes to a fixed and un-moving point at the far end of the wire, not to say that I won't take my eyes of that point... but if I do loose my 'balance/focus' for any reason whatsoever, I will return my vision to 'that point/my goal' to regain my balance. And if I get tired walking on the rope, I will stop and take a minute to catch my breath again. If I fall, I will pick myself up and although falling hurts, I will remember that 'the show must go on' and the only thing that I can do to get myself back on the tightrope is to get focused on that point and continue on.

The un-moving point will be my DO 'one word' and if I persevere, not give up and hang in there, I will accomplish the almost impossible this year...

~ "Critics risk nothing. It's the creators who must face the vulnerability of failure with the possibility of success." - Justin Dillon ~

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