Sunday, December 8, 2013

Exciting times ahead

Next year will see me with a year filled with new learning.

As part of my CORE eFellowship, I will be involved in my inquiry/research/learning/work about the Pedagogy and Learning in a NE/Year 1 classroom and I am looking forward to this exciting fellowship I've joined!

2014 will also see me training as a Reading Recovery Teacher, which will enable me to deliver intensive one to one instruction to 6 year old students having difficulty with literacy learning. 

I will also be involved in the Connected Rotorua Teachers group with our aim to start a professional learning network based in Rotorua.  

Exciting times ahead to building connections, inquire, learn, grow and inspire!


  1. Take it from me, Marnel - you will have the most wonderful conversations, sharing and inspiration thrown at you! Enjoy the year ahead! Please remind the eFellows of 2014 that all past eFellows are keen to talk, share, and tap into each others' inquiries! All the best for what I know will be a stunning year!

  2. Thank you Claire! I am looking forward to a stunning year and will definitely make sure to stay in touch with past eFellows and tap into your ideas, learning and inquiries! (Will also pass on your message to other eFellows of 2014).