Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Educating life long learners

This video makes some interesting points and shows just why it is vital to educate life-long learners.

My opinion:
It is my believe that students succeed in their learning in a supportive and caring environment, where they feel secure enough to learn, explore, challenge, test, discover and engage.  Building a good relationship with my learners also contribute towards building their confidence and skills to ensure their learning is successful, enjoyable, meaningful and lifelong.

My aim this year?
To motivate my learners to be active, engaged and connected learners for life, whilst getting them to use and apply the NZC Key Competencies and any other resources available to them.

How will I do this?
1.  Educate learners on how to make choices, how to think and learn
2.  Encourage learners to be critical thinkers and to use their ideas/thoughts to learn both independently and collaboratively
3.  Value each learner for what they do well
4.  Let learners know they matter

~ The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery - Mark Van Doren ~

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