Thursday, October 2, 2014

Connected Educator Month - Modern Learning Practices in a Connected World

Day #2 of Connected Educator Month started with a Workshop on 'Modern Learning Practices in a Connected World' with a supporting Google Doc.

I was really looking forward to it, as this topic tied in with my eFellowship inquiry. I will also have the opportunity to share my findings at ULearn14.

With presenters like Derek Wenmoth, Stephen Heppell and Mark Osborne, this  workshop was all about what 'connected education' might look like for future-focused organisations. I really enjoyed listening to Janelle Riki story about how they started and their first steps into Modern Learning Practices in a Modern Learning Environment. 

My Storify sums up this session:

~ There is no such thing as as an unmotivated student.  There are, however, students in unmotivated states - Eric Jensen ~

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