Friday, October 10, 2014

"Normalization and Stereotyping" - Master Class #4 (#eFellows14)

When I woke up at the start of this week, I realised that this would be our last time together as eFellows14... I was in awe that our time had passed this quickly.

When everyone was settled in yet another beautiful location for our time together, Louise started with using the Russian nesting dolls to demonstrate how there is a tendency to try and know people. We put them in boxes and categorize them...

The complexity of human nature is huge, therefore categorizing people is one thing, or putting them in a box or even thinking you know them, could be really problematic. As soon as you peel back all those layers, you realise that those are just some of the descriptives that are attached to us.

This was a great session, discussing normalization & stereotyping. Yes, we need to look through the layers at the real person, don't make judgements.

We were also reminded that if we do transformative work without exploring identity, categorization etc. then we are not really doing transformational work.

After this, we had a session with Deanne Thomas on Cultural Responsive practice. It is about knowing the learner, making connections and involving everyone (not just priority learners). 

Manu Faaea-Semeatu talked to us about what the term Pasifika means to us and how to realise student potential.

eFellow Anniversary Dinner (8 October 2014):

We enjoyed a great evening, celebrating 10 years of the eFellowship.

In his speech, John congratulated us for what we had achieved and Louise talked about how the purpose of our times together was twofold. One to build our research skills and the other to develop our critical thinking skills.

During our sessions we learned how to bring a transformative lens to our research. Thank you John and Louise! You were awesome mentors!

We were also presented with our own Year Book.

eFellows14 and some past eFellows at the dinner

Our [last] Adventures as eFellows14:

uLearn 2014 - Memories:

~ "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss ~

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