Friday, January 30, 2015

And we're off!

We kicked our 2015 year off with two very meaningful and productive professional learning and development (PL&D) days which I thoroughly enjoyed! 

PD #1: 'Appraisal Workshop'
Prior to our session we had to complete a reflection page about a best memory/experience, the worst memory/ experience from a past teacher appraisal and the most effective aspect of appraisal that improved practice.

These were read out aloud during the session and I find it to be an 'eye opener' to hear about everyone's experiences...

During the session we looked at:
- Teacher improvement cycle/Performance Management
- Links to RTC's / Professional Standards
- Links to Portfolio's / 'Body of Evidence'

Some valuable discussions emerged from this session.  

Next Step(s): 
The management team will now establish a framework of how the appraisal process may look for our school, which we would then discuss and share with staff.

PD #2: 'Swim Safe'
Through the Kiwi Swim Safe professional development workshop, we receive practical theory around swimming instruction.   I also learnt that students need to understand the elements of learning to swim and water safety to enable them to participate safely in 'water environments.' 

I left with some new knowledge and confidence to deliver swimming and water safety lessons in the pool.

Next Step(s):
Utilizing the 'Swimstart' Resource to deliver an effective and successful Level 1 swimming programme to my students. 

~ "Who dares to teach must never cease to learn" - Anonymous ~

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