Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A new voyage - 'Being in Touch'

My learning in the 'Voyager Cross-School Collaborative Inquiry & Collective Wisdom Programme' with Dr. Vikram Murthy, Director of the Academy for Collaborate Futures as Lecturer continued with session 2 in which we learnt more about team learning styles, emotional intelligence and the importance of empathy. 

Compelling evidence was shared, which showed the intersection of neuroscience that underline the importance of empathy and connection at work and play.

I learnt that good leadership begins with emotional intelligence and that empathy finishes with fine-tuning the balance between self and other.

We scored ourselves on 'the sacrifice syndrome' check list and learnt that to counter the sacrifice syndrome one must make renewal a way of life. Be mindful and in tune with yourself, never lose faith and have a clear understanding of your reality.

We were then introduced to multiple-loop problem solving and learnt how to use it to improve our personal and organisation's adaptive learning capabilities. One should always ask “What is the real problem?” and then examine your big choices.

By this time my head was spinning and I really felt challenged in my thinking. However, one aspect that stood out in the end for me was that the key to better performance is better communication.

~ "You learn something every day if you pay attention". - Ray LeBlond ~

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