Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Workshop on Student Voice

When students express their understanding of their learning process, we use the term 'student voice'. This term can also describes how students give their input to what happens within their learning environment and school.

We brainstormed ideas around 'quality' teacher, students and environment and looked at the benefits for students, for teachers and school:

Factors that influence student engagement:
  1. Relationships with teachers and peers
  2. Relational learning
  3. Dispositions to be a learner
  4. Motivation and interest
  5. Personal agency
  6. Self-efficacy
  7. Goal orientation
  8. Academic self-regulated learning

So what should we do?
  • Listen to students
  • Build a culture of inclusion
  • Encourage student to student and student to teacher conversations
  • Expect students to engage in dialogue
  • Use IT to assist in the gathering of of voice
  • Be open to change

Further resources:

    ~ "Student voice is the road to change" - Unknown ~

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