Monday, February 22, 2016

A new voyage - 'Insightful Questioning' & 'Re-framing of a Problem'

As our cohort is working on our appreciative inquiries (Academy for Collaborate Futures' cross-school collaborative inquiry and collective wisdom), we were reminded by Dr Vikram Murthy to stay in the question. Also to look if our initial statement is more of a task or statement rather than an actual problem.

We learnt to understand the importance of critical reflection and practice the re-framing of a problem by undertaking detailed and insightful questioning of each individual group member's initial problem statement. We then had to engage in an individual critical reflection and tried to arrive at an re-framed problem statement using the multi-loop problem solving questions:
  • Single loop 
  • Double loop (which is all about checking/test facts and assumptions against the problem) 
  • Triple loop (examine yourself and the school in relation to the problem)

A beginner's mind is needed for insightful questioning and includes:
  • Emphasising 
  • Focusing 
  • Recognising that the seed in a good answer lays in a good question and that collaboration  ends in a better result 
  • Understanding

An empowering ground rule:
Statements should be made only in response to questions

Action Learning:
  • Know the difference between ''cleverness" and ''wisdom'' (it is "recognised ignorance" not "programmed knowledge" which is the key to action learning) 
  • There is no learning without action and no action without learning.

~ "Every question missed is a disaster waiting to happen. Discovering such questions could lead them to approach resolving their business challenge more strategically and comprehensively." 
- Adams, cited in Boshyk and Dilworth, 2010, p. 128

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