Sunday, February 28, 2016

Teaching with KidsedchatNZ

Using our class twitter account to participate in KidsedchatNZ this year is showing an engagement in writing and reading as well as building great tuakana/teina relationships between the junior and senior students.

Students enjoy taking part, sharing their thoughts and ideas with other classes.

Some chats that we already have been involved in includes topics such as 'Greatness' with KidsedchatNZ, 'Learning about Digital Citizenship' and 'Making Connections'.

I have also written an article for VLN Primary School about KidsedchatNZ which can be read here.

~ "Writing should be meaningful for children, that an intrinsic need should be aroused in them, and that writing should be incorporated into a task that is necessary and relevant for life." - Lev Vygotsky ~

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