Saturday, August 20, 2016

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I woke up to a big surprise when checking my emails early Friday morning. This is what I found in my inbox:

What a compliment! Of course I was happy to give permission for this to happen, but I did wonder how my blog ended up to be viewed this far away from home and how I could be contacted via email (without having it displayed on the blog)...

The reply just re-confirmed and highlighted the importance of carefully considering things that one posts online and that one always has to remember the power of a 'Digital Footprint'. 

In today's world it is quite easy to find someone by using an online search. I sometimes wonder if we realize / remember [constantly] that every time we go online, we leave a trial! The importance of building a positive online profile should therefore be recognized by everyone. Why? 'Apparently lots of universities and employers now use the internet to check up on you'!

The importance [for teachers] to model and teach our learners how to be responsible online users can not be stressed enough.

Source: Sylvia Duckworth

Here is the blog post about '5 Creative Back-to-School Classroom blogs' from Karen and the mention of my classroom blog, Little-Giants: 

~ "Your digital footprint is your new resume." - Ross Cooper @RossCoops31 ~

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