Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snapshots of Innovative Teaching and Learning

No stranger to EduCampNZ where ideas / innovation are constantly being shared, I decided to [also] attend this opportunity organised by the NZEI, Taupo to see what this involves.

A snapshot of what is happening in education locally, were shared by five schools / presenters.

1. Working Collaboratively
This was not a new concept, although interesting to see how another school is using this to support student learning.

2. Student Voice
A 9 year old student shared how he record his learning using google classroom and how he's using the success criteria provided to assess himself. He also talked about how they use 'sphero' in their classroom. This was great to see!

3. #NZreadaloud
This is a great project to be part of if. 

4. Bush Kindergarten
Kids are taken out into the bush for a whole day where their boundaries are being pushed and where they learn to self-manage. Reminds me of what we did as kids years ago!

5. Blogging for Visible Learning
I was amazed to see the few classes that has a class and / or student blogs when the question were asked! This was slightly alarming to me... as the benefits of blogging is nothing new.
Image credit: Sylvia Duckworth

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