Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Week Reflection

The new school term started on an optimistic note, and with a positive feel around school.  It seems as if this year is going to be remembered as an exciting one.

This first week had many new happenings for me.  I was not in class full time, like I use to be.  Instead I was working with great learners as part of my Reading Recovery training. I have already been learning a lot from the first two assessment meetings this week.

Then back to class it was, for some learning sessions with my lovely New Entrant/Year 1 learners.  

One 'challenge' I faced with going into class halfway during the day though, was to quickly settle my learners and myself.  Everyone wanted to talk to me as soon as I walked through the door.  I knew I couldn't expect my lively learners to be just 'ready' for the next learning session.  

So what did we do?  

We started off with having a short sharing time about how our day was going.  This helped everyone to settle down and everyone felt valued. It also gave me the opportunity to learn about my new learners and I was delighted to see the happy and excited faces!

Throughout the week we had also established our Learning Buddy system, which already is working a treat.

I am looking forward to all the learning opportunities with my class.

~ "The wonder of teaching is watching caterpillars become butterflies" - Unknown ~

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