Saturday, February 22, 2014

Professional Learning Planning

I am privilege to be co-organiser of the Connected Rotorua Teachers and the yearly Educamp Rotorua. Therefore Annemarie and I spent our Waitangi day, planning this two professional learning opportunities for teachers and we are looking forward to collaborate with teachers who are interested in learning with Digital Technologies on a regular basis.


The Connected Rotorua Presentation is a work in progress of topics to be discussed :

Educamp Rotorua Smackdown:

Thank you to everyone attending Educamp Rotorua and for all the contributions to the Smackdown.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning alongside everyone and am grateful for new connections made.

~ "We  are not 'just' teachers, we are the managers of the world's greatest resource: Children!" -                                                               Robert Johan Meehan ~

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