Sunday, July 27, 2014

EduCamp Auckland

I have always wanted to attend an Educamp in Auckland, but it just never happened.  This year however, I took the plunge, registered and was brave enough to add slides to the 'Smackdown', after receiving this tweet from Fiona.

I was looking forward to my participation with much anticipation (however, not so much to the early rise).
Annemarie and Alex were [as usual] great company while driving. The discussions happening on our way to and from an educamp are interesting and many times thought provoking.

On arrival, I enjoyed meeting all the people I have already had many meaningful interactions with on Twitter, face to face.  It was also lovely to meet Reid, one of my fellow KidsedchatNZ co-coordinators in person. And it was great to catch up with people I already know!

The Smackdown got underway, which I found to be very interesting and worthwhile.  I consider myself lucky when receiving a wee gift for contributing to the 'Smackdown.'

Sonya gathered all the TeachMeetNZ participants [present] together for a photo opportunity.

Afterwards, I wandered over to the wall to explore the options of what my next learning will involve.  I was however stopped by some teachers who wanted to learn more about blogging and using apps with students (after listening to me presenting my slides). So, I've ran a session with some teachers and received some positive feedback.

Amazingly, the sharing did not stop at the end of the session.  I also got involved in a twitter discussion with Sam afterwards as well as replying to a request from Alex

I've also supported Reid when he ran a session on KidsedchatNZ

At the end of the day...

Here is my Storify of this wonderful day (which you can also view at EduCampAKL).

~ "We should not only use the brains we have, but all that we can borrow." 
- Woodrow Wilson ~


  1. Thanks again for your contributions certainly made the most of the day! Appreciate that you traveled too although those road trips are a bit of an unconference in themselves...right @CaroBush ;-)

    1. Thank you again for organizing #educampAKL Fiona. I've really enjoyed my time and am grateful for the opportunity I've had to share with others :-)

  2. Fabulous reflection Marnel. Great to see you pulling the storify together and then use that to make connections with your ideas.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words Sonya! :-)