Thursday, July 31, 2014

Twitter, my learning community

Many people (yes, I was one of them - many moons ago!) still don't 'get it' and can't see the remarkable potential of Twitter for education.  

Why am I on Twitter?
  • Teaching and learning are moving in a new direction; it is collaborative and digital
  • I learn, I collaborate and engage in discussions with like minded people. I am being challenged in my thinking when reading [some] tweets
  • Help is at my fingertips
  • I have my own Personal Learning Network (PLN) from around the world, sharing resources and helpful hints. I get ideas from them and read about their practices
  • I found the # chats phenomenal and have been learning a lot by following and engaging in them. Educators share a wealth of resources and I often 'leave' these chats inspired and energized  
  • Twitter re-ignite my passion for teaching and learning

Thanks to twitter and my PLN, my personal/professional learning and development can be recharged daily, and best of all... I can get information, tailored to my specific needs and I don't have to wait for 'formal' PD sessions to be organised.

~ "Sure you don't have to have a PLN to be a great educator, but why would you close the door on the chance to be even better...." - Anonymous ~

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