Friday, October 2, 2015

Blogging: What does it look like for me... (an EdblogNZ challenge - Wk 1)

EdblogNZ is setting a blogging challenge as part of Connected Educator Month. There will be three challenges set in each one of the levels every week. 

The three levels in this challenge are:  
  1. Absolute Newbie (e.g. “I don’t even have a blog set up yet”)
  2. Casual Blogger (“I blog occasionally when I remember or feel I have something useful to say”)
  3. Blogging Legend (“I blog regularly [at least once a week] and have great interaction/ contribution on my blog from commenters”)
I'm choosing to write a post on the challenge 'Write a blog post about why you blog professionally and some of the things you blog about. Share it using the #EdBlogNZ hashtag so the newbies can get further ideas to blog about.'  in the 'Blogging Legend' level.  Not that this is something that I see myself as, but the topic for this challenge was relevant to me.

Why I Blog:
  • to grow professionally
  • to share my experiences and knowledge
  • to express ideas
  • promoting my work
  • sharing knowledge and [hopefully] make a difference
  • to keep a record to look back on to view my professional and personal growth
  • to remind me of the ideas I once had and to help me re-evaluate them
  • to reflect on my practice, setting goals and to clarifying my thinking

What do I blog about?

Here are a few:

I do sometimes feel blogging to be a huge 'challenge', as I take way too much time thinking about how to put all the thoughts I have in my head into a post. In the end though, I feel a sense of accomplishment after expressing my thoughts, which makes the whole process all worth it.

~ "To Blog is To share, To connect, To create, To inspire" - Anonymous ~


  1. Your last paragraph resonates for me Marnel. I look at how blogging has evolved for me overtime and how much each post cognitively hurts me now. It is all about the articulating with clarity that helps me to ensure that I am walking the talk.... Not considering myself a "Blogging Legend" either but here is my response to the edblog question here -

    1. Thank you, Claire!

      Blogging definitely helps with giving me clarity on many of my experiences and magical moments.

      It is astonishing to see how my blogging has evolved over time.

  2. Great post Marnel - I find the same thing when I'm tweeting. Trying to be professional yet with an insight into our own opinions and insights can be a bit of a tightrope. I guess it comes down to being yourself.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Rosemary!
      I agree with you that it is not always easy to write down one's [own] opinions, as sometimes people can be a bit precious ('not walking their talk').

      I feel it is important to me to write down my thoughts and insights, as this helps with putting many things in perspective and yes, it does comes down to being yourself. My intentions are not to judge or critique anyone other than myself.