Monday, October 5, 2015

My education question/ challenge/ wondering... (an EdblogNZ challenge - Wk 2)

Buzzwords in education... 

We had/have: '21st Century Learning', 'Future Focus', 'Modern Learning Environment', 'Modern Learning Pedagogy' and were more recently introduced to the [new] buzzword 'Innovative Learning Environment'

Does all these words not describe what we (as educators) are already doing.
Educators are aware that there is a new meaning for 'knowledge' and that students should be actively involved in their learning, rather than being passive recipients of information. Is this not why we give our students agency? 

I am aware of the differences in 'Personalised' and 'Individualised' learning, but does it really matter which one is being used in a learning environment?

It is my perception only, that everything I do should be about my learners. I believe that a teacher who knows his/her students well, know how to integrate learning that will benefit a students' individual needs. I certainly want my students to achieve success by making learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Do we need to refer to these buzzwords at all?

~ "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 
- Benjamin Franklin ~


  1. There certainly is a lot of jargon and I think that for day to day work in our classrooms, it doesn't matter too much about any of these terms, as we're not using them with our learners anyway. This is teacher talk. And at that stage it cam be important to be referring to the same terms in the same way. i.e what one person calls personalised might not be. As you said, you know the difference between personalised and individualised, but do others? Having clarity around terms can avoid confusion and someone thinking they're doing something that they actually aren't. e.g. I have groups therefore I am personalising learning.

    1. You have raised some valid points here, Bede. Thank you for challenging my thinking! :-)

  2. I remember your dilemma over sorting the jargon out in your head last year, Marnel. I agree with Bede in that the jargon is less important than the ability to have everyone on the same page for the teacher terms in use. You are an amazing teacher-learner who knows where the centre of the teaching universe should be - the achievement that comes from the engagement in learning of our tamariki.

    1. Thank you, Vicki!
      I value your feedback - as always! :-)