Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WEBINAR on connected leadership

Viv Hall from 'The Connected Learning Advisory' organised a webinar on being 'a Connected Leader'. She was supported by Karen Melhuish Spencer from CORE Education.  

My part in the Connected Learning Advisory presentation for Connected Educator Month was to talk about 'What does a Connected Leader look like?' 
Reach our for your own professional leader/ learner support. Model growth for others. The power of connections both online and offline for professional learning. Networking locally is great, but networking globally even more powerful. Model connectedness for students and colleagues. Make connections, taking risks and dive into being connected to empower yourself.

Stephen Lethbridge 'In your role as a connected leader, what do you do to support/ model/advocate/facilitate e-learning?'
Don’t talk about e-learning in the sense of electronic - e for effective. Being connected need to be effective before digital - why before how. Widen connections outside education, follow people who you don't agree with outside of education - Dissonance is just as important as finding like minded people. Hire teachers via Twitter and reading their Blogs. Try to walk the talk of connectivity. Tools to get connected: todoist, slack, ifttt

Justine Driver 'What attributes do you think you need most, to make this role successful? 
Growth mindset to connect strategically using digital technologies to improve student learning, systems that promote. Collaborative - collective wisdom & collective action - the right people are the right people in the stream/conversation. Echo Chamber effect - Filters the stream, doesn’t necessarily go along with group think to keep the conversation going, asks WHY? To what extent do the communities that we are involved in challenge our own thinking. Questions & adds value to create dialogue in whatever platform - Google +, facebook, twitter. A digital resident - models citizenship in online forums - makes connections. We also need to ask who is not connecting with us? Whose voice is not in the room and how to get people engaged (hence the reason for this webinar)

Rachel Boyd 'What’s in it for me’ about being a Connected Leader?

Connection regardless of distance. Exposure to alternate views different to local Principal/AP/DP group. Exposure to experts. Development of conversations & connections via shared interests. Ability to ask/answer questions. Opportunity to grow self - self directed learning. Find out what is/isn’t working for others. Gain a world view - external to your school. If you have ever felt like “an island” this is the place for support.

Annemarie Hyde 'How do you encourage a reluctant teacher/leader to get connected?'
Online connections lead to face to face connections and rich conversations. Mentor new folk and encourage people beyond their first step. Connect with them, help, respond to tweets. Challenge educators/ leaders to be online. Important to have an online presence now for jobs. NZC asks us to be connected and actively involved.

You can listen to the Webinar here.

My Storify:

“Leaders make decisions that create the future they desire.” - Mike Murdock ~

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