Sunday, October 4, 2015

Observe, Reflect, Plan and Act

I've attended (virtually) another successful collaboration between Sonya van Schaijik (host of TeachMeetNZ) and Matt Esterman (host of TMSydney) as part of Connected Educator Month.

A great line up of educators presented on:
  1. Being Cybersmart - Fiona Grant
  2. Project Based Literacy Learning - Isaac Crandell-Tanner
  3. Critical Friendships - Ros MacEachern
  4. Flipped Learning in Early Childhood - Hannah Dodd
  5. TMSydney - Matt Esterman
I value the opportunity I have to learn from other educators and hearing what they have been doing and implementing in their learning environments. I truly believe that you will not grow if you only have yourself as role-model and to be honest, these people have challenged my thinking! 

So, what's next for me?
  1. Working on empowering my students to be [more] connected and to be confident decision makers when blogging. (Thanks Fiona!)
  2. To connect with my 'Critical Friend' (Thanks Ros!) and to be an effective one.

My Storify:


~ "Observe and reflect, and become a little wiser every day." - Doe Zantama ~


  1. Thanks again for archiving the event Marnel, I believe this adds real value to both online and f2f events. Great focus for your "what's next". It's a great feeling when you see learners empowered and making smart decisions.
    ngā mihi nui

    1. Thank you for your comment, Fiona!

      I always enjoy archiving events, as this [also] helps me to look back on my learning, next steps and contributes to me being focused on my 'goals'.