Friday, November 27, 2015

A new voyage - 'Being Good'

In our third session we looked at organisational change and strengths-based perspectives.

Dr. Vikram Murthy did a quick recap on:
- Leadership and self
- Leadership and others

This session also covered leadership and followership (positive emotions, appreciative inquiry, positive core, science of happiness, Robin Hood case, and the learning styles).

We learned about the principles of an appreciative inquiry and to find the root cause of the problem...

We touched on the Pygmalion effect which is "the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance". Here is an example how to use it in the classroom: 

In any system [if you want to change it] act as if it already be... Be mindful of the sort of questions to ask.
Left ('negative') - Right ('positive')

Insightful questioning is about
1. emphasising
2. focusing
3. recognising
4. understanding

The appreciative inquiry involves a shift, but remember the positive core (and to inquire into exceptionally positive moments) which can be used as the central energy for change initiatives. People don't mind going to a new place [change] when they can take something they know with them.

We can learn a lot from our own experience... We have an experience, pause and reflect. Trust the learning (don't get fixated on winning/losing. It is about learning).

Use Carol Dweck's Fixed - Growth mindset and make sure to balance fixed and learning beliefs. We need a balance to grow.

Using the Honey & Mumford learning styles questionnaire helped me to understanding my own learning styles.

After plotting our scores we had to move into our particular learning style group and were given the task of creating a challenge for another learning style group. We had fun while discussion and eventually coming up with a challenge for the Activist Learners...

With the guidance of our "principal mentor" and a tightly-scripted role-play, we learned how to use multiple-loop questioning with a case-study of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. Everyone in the group had to engage with and mastered insightful questioning and critical reflection. This activity helped in clarifying the current reality of any situation.

Discussing the leadership style of Robin Hood...

- Experts are experts of yesterday's issues.
- Opportunities and threats come from without (outside)
- Strengths and weaknesses comes from withing (inside)

~ "Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength." - Sigmund Freud

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