Thursday, November 12, 2015

21st Century Skills (Week 2)

This week's topic was 21st Century Skills and one of the tasks from week 1 was to Prepare for the Week 2 session by watching the video "What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills".

Digital & Collaborative Learning (DCL) - 21st Century Skills

Week 2 Task: Think about what skills do our learners need in this Knowledge Age and time of Hyper Change?
  • What are the most important skills in our classrooms (My thoughts: growth mindset, communication, critical thinking, collaboration, asking more questions than having/giving answers, curiosity) and how do they align with the ITL (Innovative Teaching and Learning) research?
  • What skills do 21st century learners need to thrive? Immediately my thoughts went to: citizenship, global awareness as classmates/ co-workers may live across the globe, critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, creativity (but with only room to identify 5 skills, I opt for: Growth Mindset, communication, critical thinking, collaboration and global awareness).

Here are the 21st Century Skills chosen tonight:

Think of how the 21st century skills match up with the Key Competencies:
21st century skills
Key Competencies
Knowledge Construction
Self Regulation
Real World Problems/Innovations
ICT for learning
Skilled Communication
Relating to others
Understanding language, symbols and texts
Managing Self
Participating and Contributing

We were introduced to film making and looked at the structure of what makes a good movie. Tip: Good FREE music to add to movies:

Digital & Collaborative Learning (DCL) - 21st Century Skills

Week 2 Group Task: Film, edit and publish a 21st Century Skills related short film

Our group (Clare, Graham, Brigitte, Liz and I) were given one of the ITL research 21st century skills and an activity rubric to create a video. Our set topic: ICT for Learning.

Here's our group, feeling relaxed after planning, designing and creating our video collaboratively.

~ "Investing in education and providing 21st century skills for students are fundamental components to the nation's continued growth and prosperity." - Craig Barrett ~

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