Thursday, November 26, 2015

Learning Theories and Researched Informed Practice (Week 4)

Digital & Collaborative Learning (DCL) - Learning Theories

What is a theory?

Learning theory vs Learning style:

So what is the difference between a theory and a style? A theory is grounded in research. Style is the way in which something is done.


Ten learning theories that are relevant to digital and collaborative learning:
  1. Conditioning 
  2. Connectionism and the Law of Effect 
  3. Progressive Education 
  4. Constructivism: Social Development Theory 
  5. Constructivism: Equilibration
  6. Social Cognitive Theory
  7. Situated Learning / Cognition
  8. Community of Practice
  9. Constructionism
  10. Connectivism
Week 4 Task: Create a stop motion animation explaining the key principle of a learning theory.

Research informed teaching is based on evidence and it inform practice.

We don't research enough as teachers! ("few of those surveyed had any familiarity with major thinkers, writers or researchers in the field")

"What is self- evident today is tomorrows fallacy or tale of ridicule"

Leadership in Digital & Collaborative Learning (LDC) - Researched Informed Practice

Leading Research groups
Group Task: Read page 9 of 'Good practice in Leading and Supporting a research team

Group TaskCreate a graphic representation of the similarities and differences between leading a teaching team and leading a research team.

Good practice whether leading researchers or teachers
Wise tip: As a leader don't forget the inter personal skills that is so important in the classroom.

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