Thursday, November 19, 2015

Virtual & Augmented Reality and Innovations (Week 3)

Digital & Collaborative Learning (DCL) - Virtual and Augmented Reality and Innovations

Week 3 Task:
  • Reflect: Which sectors/industries have recently disrupted?
  • Reflect: Does your career path meant that you don't have to learn about technology?

The new reality... (disruption):

- We don't know what the future looks like... (The more overdue a disruption is, and the more sudden it is... when it finally occurs, the more off-guard the incumbents is)
- What (you never thought would be possible) is now possible? Cameras on phones, Google maps..
- We should remember to think further into the future.
- Self education is now the gateway to the world.
- What is the role of Key Competencies? (You need all these skills to study on line, you need time, motivation) Where does it leave us as teachers? What should we be doing?
The jobs in the future will still use the Key Competencies: Thinking, Using language symbols and text, Managing self, Relating to Others, Participating and contributing.

What needs to be learned?
Source: World Economic Forum, March 2015

The class of 2025... The oldest digital natives (currently 12 years old) are coming earlier than we think.

Project Loon: Balloons launched in New Zealand to learn what it will take to provide connectivity to everyone, everywhere. WIFI to the whole world, but not everyone has access to devices?

There is no comparison to be drawn from yesterday to tomorrow for occupations. So what opportunities and risks are there for tomorrow's students? Already plans for a future of driver-less taxi's, self-driving cars. Will I be using the services of an Uber driver? (Definition: One Tap to Ride. Uber uses your phone's GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available driver. Get picked up anywhere — even if you don't know the exact address.)
Which careers are a safe bet? Find out: will a robot take your job?

Google Glass Project: You can choose what you want to see...

You don't need to go and watch a movie, you experience a movie - Magic Leap
Reality <- Augmented Reality -> Virtual Reality

AR - Augmented Reality:
- Daqri Smart helmet (realizes the true potential of augmented reality and 4D for the future of work)
- Oculus rift (to experience anything, anywhere, through the power of virtual reality)
- Google cardboard (to experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, affordable way)
- Ingress the game (turns the environment into a game - the world around you is not what it seems)

We explored: 
Anatomy 4D



Week 3 Class Task: Use Aurasma (either the app or studio) to create a trigger image and an overlay.

Phew... and finally, here it is...!

There are many possibilities for using this app in education. Bring schools to life with Aurasma.

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