Friday, December 21, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

What an incredible year 2012 has been for me personally. 

Due to my 'Inquire, Learn, Grow, Inspire' approach this year, I have gained in some valuable insight into my teaching capabilities and leadership skills, which in the end contributed to myself growing in confidence even further. 

I value all of the learning opportunities I have had the privilege to be involved in, both personally and professionally.  The satisfaction of sharing my skills and knowledge with other staff and the support I was able to give where and when required was almost incomparable.  Learning from other professionals was rewarding and motivated me to get even better and to continue my quest into learning new skills and approaches to make learning enjoyable and worthwhile for myself and all students involved. 

In my classroom I have had the privilege of seeing and experiencing how my five and six year old students developed into confident learners, supported by our inquiry model and by using excellent questioning skills, which we have worked so hard on as a class.  The progress each and everyone have made was gratifying.

Reflecting on my teaching practise of this year, I am already thinking about and looking at how I can enhance deliberate learning opportunities for students even further in 2013.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facilitating Blogging - What? Me?!

Without any pre-warning or subtle hints, I have been asked to facilitate a Blogging session for staff on our Teacher Only Day in 2013. 

What? Me? No, can't be!  What about our ICT lead teacher?  She knows a lot more that I do! I am just me - I am not an expert! I just didn't feel it was my place to do so, was my reaction and words - spoken out loud!

I however, couldn't get the principal to change his mind on this.  I felt bewildered and not very confident about presenting. 

On my way home that day, I was contemplating this 'sword above my head' - as I saw it.  I sat down to reflect on what was said at EduIgnite.  Mark mentioned that the most timid become leaders of learning at an unconference.  The power of me added to the power of we. 

I then think back to a conversation I had with Annemarie shortly after our EduIgnite evening about PLN's and why we connect. I mentioned collaboration, growing together, support, new perspectives and learning. We discussed encouraging others and end with another lesson from EduIgnite - keep engaging others.

Well that was it! How could I not do what I preach?  I had come to terms with the fact that I will have to do a presentation on blogging, and... I know I will do it well!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Class Twitter

One of the tings that was introduce at EduCamp TheTron was #kidsedchatnz which I, at that time, have decided to explore further.

It turned out to be a great concept, as students are 'chatting' to other students in NZ and can share their learning.  They can also experience what other schools and students are involved in.

I set up a Twitter account for my class and on Wednesday, 28 November they participated in their first Twitter chat:

To the students' surpsrise they found one of our senior classes 'chatting' as well.  This was excitement galore!

Room 4 was even quoted in a storify story: and felt very famous!

At the Annual End of Year Prize Giving, the Board of Trustees Chair mentioned how she "waisted" a lot of time one day, following Room 4's chats on Twitter!  That made me feel good and very proud of what are being accomplished in my class.

It is so lovely to see how my students have confidence and feel good about themselves, which in the end leads to them being actively engaged in their learning. I regard myself very fortunate to be part of all the fantastic opportunities I can offer to my students.