Our Code, Our Standards (current), Practising Teacher Criteria (2015 - 2017), Registered Teacher Criteria (2012 - 2015)

New Code, New Standards for the Teaching Profession


(2015 - 2017)
The Registered Teacher Criteria describe the essential knowledge and capabilities required for quality teaching in New Zealand.  

Although the Education Council changed the name of these criteria to the Practising Teacher Criteria in 2015, the key indicators stayed the same. These can be accessed here.

I will therefore continue to tag my blog posts with the appropriate RTC 1-12 to assure I meet, with evidence, these criteria to be a Fully Registered Teacher.


(2012 - 2015)
Registered Teacher Criteria Comparative Matrix AND Professional Standards

RTC1 - Professional Relationships    RTC2 - Well-Being

RTC3 - Bicultural Relationships    RTC4 - Professional Learning
RTC5 - Leadership    RTC6 - Planning

RTC7 - Learning Environment    RTC8 - Akonga Learning
RTC9 - Student Diversity

RTC10 - Bicultural Practice    RTC11 - Assessment
RTC12 - Teaching as Inquiry

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