Friday, August 24, 2018

Seesaw Contributing Author

I am sharing activities I create on Seesaw (for my students) with other teachers (over the world) to use too.
Received this email in recognition from the Seesaw team in the USA. How uplifting! 

Thanks Seesaw!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Further assessing children identified as 'at risk'

As part of my online SENCo training, I had an opportunity to work with and learn from Jenny from Raising Achievement on assessing students identified as 'at risk' to further identify their specific learning difficulties using a Screening Assessment kit. This will be very helpful in my role as SENCo and will enable me to create a specific plan to help cater for the needs of these students.
The purpose of the Screening Assessment is to find underpinning cognitive weaknesses. These are the underlying reasons why students are being held back and not able to achieve in academic subjects. Underpinning Cognitive Weaknesses are Auditory and Visual Processing problems. Other Underpinning Cognitive Weaknesses are things like processing speed, short term and working memory and gross and fine motor skills.

I learned about the different Screening tools and what to use for students under the age of 7. Yes, it can be done under 7... and [in my opinion] early identification is vital.

I am absolutely loving my role (on top of everything else) as SENCo. It is rewarding to see how students progress when given extra support and to see their confidence grow!

I am looking forward to implement my new learning into my role to support students, teachers and teachers' aides.

~ "A child with 'special needs' will inspire you to be a special kind of person. - Anonymous ~