Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Year in Review

Looking back on my 'Walking on a tightrope' post at the start of the year, my one word was 'DO'...

Reflecting on my 'DO'
  1. Get-up-and-Go (be determined and full of energy) - This I have definitely achieved in all areas this year. 
  2. Stop and celebrate [even little] Successes - Yes, not only did Seesaw's ePortfolio enabled me to regularly check in and comment on students' progress, which has been celebrated weekly by a 'Virtue award', but progress was recognised and celebrated almost daily in our learning environment. 
  3. Look after myself (no school work after 6.00 pm) - Although I did look after myself, I was not able to do no school work after 6.00pm... in fact due to all my responsibilities, I have been working later than I have last year, even during weekends! Maybe this goal was a bit unrealistic?
  4. Continue DOing [something] despite difficulties (stick-to-it-iveness) - Thankfully, I did not experience any difficulties (personally)
  5. Do what I believe to be best for ALL my students as they are my number one priority - As I understand the importance of inclusive education and that for some learners to access the curriculum and realise their potential, I was able to focus effectively on curriculum adaptation and differentiation.
  6. In my role as Assistant Principal and ICT Lead, I will take the 'bad days' in stride and remember that I get to start fresh tomorrow - One of my leadership strengths, I believe, is to actively support colleagues, reframe dialogue/thought processes to eliminate deficit thinking and focus on the capabilities, progress and successes. I have been able to transfer this effectively in my leadership role, enabling and fostering a positive, safe and united culture where successes are celebrated with all staff. As an effective communicator, I demonstrated exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in my current roles, supporting staff as and when needed. 
  7. Blog more regularly - Not yet...

Highlights for me this year
1. Some of my Professional Development included:

  • SENCo Development and Training online course/study through Raising Achievement
  • Embedding Oral Language Across the Curriculum workshop by Sheena Cameron & Louise Dempsey 
  • Anxiety, Learning and Behaviour workshop by Dr. Izelda Pelser, Educational Psychologist, MOE 
  • ‘The Developing Brain’ workshop by Nathan Mikaere-Wallis 
  • Online training to be recognised as a Seesaw Ambassador
  • Digital Passport: Workshop One - Years 1 - 3 Certificate 
  • Digital Passport: Workshop Two - Years 3 - 5 Certificate 
  • ‘Setting your School up for Success’ seminar for SENCo / RTLB / RTLit
2. My Presentations:

  • Digital Technologies & Hangarau Matihiko: Build awareness and mobilise (Staff meeting - 11 June 2018)
  • Collaboration for Success: SENCo and Learning Difficulties (Staff meeting - 28 May 2018)
  • Digital Citizenship & Cyber Safety (Staff meeting - 14 May 2018)
3. Teaching as Inquiry:
After administering an Oral assessment, I analysed the data, which helped me to identify target learners who are ‘at risk’ and their specific areas of need. I then started my 'Teaching as Inquiry' by asking 'How can I enhance students’ oral language skills through retelling (news & after guided reading) using Seesaw, which will then also result in authentic writing experiences?'

I planned deliberate activities that meet the needs of these learners, whilst also capitalising on spontaneous authentic learning opportunities that support oral language development.

Student achievement can be seen as shown in the end of year spreadsheet below. 
Although Student 4 still requires some support (student had trouble with attendance), I am pleased with the overall progress.

4. Other:

5. End of Year Highlights:
I received so many lovely messages and gifts... here's just a few messages... #EndOfYear #FeelingBlessed

~ "Teachers should not forget how far they take their students every year" ~