Friday, June 21, 2013

Should I... or should I not?

Although earlier QuadBlogging interactions with other schools around the world were quite interesting, I had to make a big decision this term about enrolling this relatively new class of 5 year old students.
Pondering for weeks over this, I've came to the conclusion to give it a pass.

Little did I know....

I find out about QuadBloggingAotearoa shortly thereafter while browsing my Twitter stream one evening.
Excitement galore!!! Our own QuadBlogging for New Zealand schools, started by Barbara Reid (a BeL facilitator).

And I did it again, enrolling my students for QuadBloggingAotearoa! What a fantastic three weeks we had so far, connecting with schools in New Zealand. And needless to say, my students are having fun and have again amazed me with their enthusiasm with commenting on other class blogs.

And that's the wonder of teaching - Watching caterpillars become butterflies!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Engage students and make a difference

After following the first live TeachMeetNZ presentation on Twitter, I had been contacted by the organiser of this New Zealand event, asking if I would be interested in presenting at the next TeachMeetNZ.
Without thinking, I accepted this invitation.  I saw this as a personal challenge, as I am not fond of presenting in front of others, and never had in such a formal way.  This meant that I had to get right out of my comfort zone.
In the time leading up to the presentation, there were days that I had reservations about this, especially as I had to miss the first testing as I was at EduCampHB.
The second test run was nerve wrecking, but went well and I was ready.
Presenting live at TeachMeetNZ was an amazing experience and I feel proud and very special, after receiving my TeachMeetNZ participation badge from Sonya.