Friday, June 25, 2021

Seesaw Certified Educator

Great feeling to be [now] recognised as a Seesaw Certified Educator! 

Seesaw is an amazing platform to help with inspiring students to be their best and to deepen learning. I love that I can be part of the Seesaw joy and goodness.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Empathy - lesson by Brené Brown (Dare to Lead)

 Today's lesson from #daretoleadbrenèbrown is in empathy the antidote of shame.

Brené identifies 5 key skills of empathy:

💚 Perspective taking - include, respect and value diverse perspectives.

💚 Be non-judgemental - Judgement stems from areas we feel shame or vulnerability. Know these areas and build our self-worth here.

💚  Understand others feelings &
💚 communicate this understanding (see picture) 

💚 mindfulness/paying attention to the person you are showing up for.

Further to this she identifies 6 key ways we miss opportunities to show empathy:

😶  Showing sympathy vs empathy - sympathy = feeling for people 
Empathy = feeling with people

😶 The gasp and awe - "ohhhh I would just die if that happened to me"

😶 the mighty fall - holding the person coming to you to your high expectations " I just never expected that from you" (disappointment in them)

😶 The block and tackle - How did you let this happen? Who is he/she we will sort him/her!

😶 The boots and shovel - making it better so you're not uncomfortable. "It's not that bad - you're amazing "

😶 If you think that's bad - using someone's experience to one up them. 

It's inevitable we will seek and be sought for empathy. We will make mistakes. But it's about how you show up and embrace vulnerability.

Not my own post - (Source: Unknown)

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Via: Suzi McAlpine | The Art of Leadership | The 51% Rule

 "As a leader, I'm sure you know that dealing with conflict is a given part of the job. Conflict can be healthy for a team, provided it's focused around the right things and handled in the right way. But have you ever had a conflict between two people or departments that was hard to see an end to? Have you ever seen two parties reaching a bit of a stalemate, both refusing to budge?

It's at times like these when the 51% Rule is a game-changing tool. The rule, created by Professor Angus McLeod, requires us to assume we have 51% of the responsibility for any given problem we're facing with another person. 

It sounds simple, because it is. But a small adjustment in mindset can entirely transform the way we're looking at a conflict in the workplace, and adding it to your conflict resolution toolkit will hold you in good stead for dealing with any future disagreements within your team. Have a further read about the 51% Rule on my blog, and let me know if you can think of situations in your own work where the tool might come in handy."

Post by: Suzi McAlpine

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thank you, teacher

Lovely to be receiving this during Lockdown: Alert Level 3 - Day 10! Thank you so much @AppleEDU!

We appreciate you today and every day. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students and in our communities.

We made this video to celebrate you

Apple Education

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Distance Learning - T.O.D. Week 3 (Term 2, 2020)

Lockdown: Alert Level 3 - Day 1

We had our T.O.D. this morning through Zoom. We also reflected on the last two weeks' online learning and looked at [some] next steps.

Our school is very fortunate to have no students attending on-site classes from Wednesday 29 April to Monday 11 May 2020.

We will therefore continue to drive online learning for our students over the next two weeks. 

~ "Teachers are the guardians of spaces that allow students to breathe and be curious and explore the world and be who they are without suffocation." - Brené Brown ~

Friday, April 24, 2020

Distance Learning - End of Week 2 (Term 2, 2020)

Lockdown: Alert Level 4 - Day 30

Another week of online learning done and dusted. I've truly settled in and enjoy this new routine of living and working from home! However, I do miss the students and am thankful that we have technology to stay in touch... 

Students have been showing great engagement in their learning activities. Just loving some of the 'How are you feeling' responses I received from the 5 year old's during the week!

~ "What we know matters, but who we are matters more." - Brené Brown ~

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Distance Learning - First Day (Term 2, 2020)

Our Distance Learning ('Home Learning') started today... first day of Term 2, 2020! I sent my students a little message yesterday... and really enjoyed listening to all their responses! They were all heartwarming and made me smile.

I feel very so proud of the way they handled their online learning activities today! Using devices in class definitely helped, so this 'experience' was nothing new to them... I am sure that they will ace their learning during this COVID-19 time.

~ “It’s not about ‘what can I accomplish?’ but ‘what do I want to accomplish?’  Paradigm shift.” 
- Brené Brown ~