Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snapshots of Innovative Teaching and Learning

No stranger to EduCampNZ where ideas / innovation are constantly being shared, I decided to [also] attend this opportunity organised by the NZEI, Taupo to see what this involves.

A snapshot of what is happening in education locally, were shared by five schools / presenters.

1. Working Collaboratively
This was not a new concept, although interesting to see how another school is using this to support student learning.

2. Student Voice
A 9 year old student shared how he record his learning using google classroom and how he's using the success criteria provided to assess himself. He also talked about how they use 'sphero' in their classroom. This was great to see!

3. #NZreadaloud
This is a great project to be part of if. 

4. Bush Kindergarten
Kids are taken out into the bush for a whole day where their boundaries are being pushed and where they learn to self-manage. Reminds me of what we did as kids years ago!

5. Blogging for Visible Learning
I was amazed to see the few classes that has a class and / or student blogs when the question were asked! This was slightly alarming to me... as the benefits of blogging is nothing new.
Image credit: Sylvia Duckworth

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Imagine and Achieve with a Class blog

I woke up to a big surprise when checking my emails early Friday morning. This is what I found in my inbox:

What a compliment! Of course I was happy to give permission for this to happen, but I did wonder how my blog ended up to be viewed this far away from home and how I could be contacted via email (without having it displayed on the blog)...

The reply just re-confirmed and highlighted the importance of carefully considering things that one posts online and that one always has to remember the power of a 'Digital Footprint'. 

In today's world it is quite easy to find someone by using an online search. I sometimes wonder if we realize / remember [constantly] that every time we go online, we leave a trial! The importance of building a positive online profile should therefore be recognized by everyone. Why? 'Apparently lots of universities and employers now use the internet to check up on you'!

The importance [for teachers] to model and teach our learners how to be responsible online users can not be stressed enough.

Source: Sylvia Duckworth

Here is the blog post about '5 Creative Back-to-School Classroom blogs' from Karen and the mention of my classroom blog, Little-Giants: 

~ "Your digital footprint is your new resume." - Ross Cooper @RossCoops31 ~

Saturday, August 6, 2016

In control of PL & D with EduCampNZ

My thoughts after attending another EduCampNZ, this time one in the Bay Of Plenty:

Learner Agency is a topic that has been talked about a lot [since] a couple of years ago. My perception is that an EduCampNZ is the perfect place for teachers to take ownership of their own learning. This is Teacher Agency in Professional Learning & Development at its best!

What I enjoy about attending EduCampNZ is the networking and informal chats one can have with teachers from all over New Zealand as well as building face to face relationships. I like the fact that teachers have choice and voice. Anyone can be a presenter and anyone can attend. It is great to hear about best practice and to get 'tips' from others and also being able to share your ideas and experiences. 

If you haven't attend an EduCampNZ yet, there are events happening all over NZ. Events can be found on the EduCampNZ wiki.

You have the power to take control of your Professional Learning & development, you can develop ownership of your learning. Why wait any longer?...

My 'Storify' about what happened during the day:

The 'Smackdown' slides: