Thursday, January 27, 2022

This Way... That Way

A lovely way to start the new school year... with a coffee shout by the Principal on our TOD! 

I'm very excited with our revised Curriculum and the launch of it today! Information is set out in a logical and easy to use way. Our Curriculum is the stepping stones of what we do at our school.

With the current 'situation' world wide, it is clear that a normal school day and how we know it, is gone. We have to maximise impact for our students every day. Our teaching is now adaptable, to enable us to reach all students. The main thing is that we still enjoy teaching and forge [even stronger] professional relationships with our students, whilst allowing them to have fun with their learning experiences. On top of that, we need to look after ourselves and find something that makes us smile every day.

We will also be utilising Seesaw fully this year, to strengthen our school-home relationships. As I have the key role of ICT/Digital Technology Curriculum Manager, I have already ran one PD session towards the end of last year (2021) and also on our TOD to support with implementing this. Sessions to support will continue throughout and as needed.

Here are and example of two posters I created that has been shared with our school community. 

This year will also see me implementing 'Structured Literacy' in class. A new concept for me (therefore, this will be the focus of my Professional Growth Cycle), but I am very excited about the elements of such instruction. Here's my class display...

~ "Our focus is not dwelling on the past, but focusing on the future. The influence you will have looking forward, stepping stones to success for our tamariki." - Our school 'slogan' for 2022 ~

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