Friday, November 30, 2012

The last day of November - Already?!

How this year has gone by!  It's been another hectic one and I have worked almost non-stop. 

November, in particular, has been extremely busy for myself. To name just a few things: reports that had to be written (which I am not fond of), research I had to do regarding why I had put iPads on our tech wishlist at school, excitement about attending my first EduIgnite evening at The Tron and a Twitter account for my class.

As a NE/Year 1 teacher, it didn't help either, getting new students.  No, no, no... not now, not at this time of year.  The task of getting some of them used to a class routine was a daunting aspect and everyone was getting a bit tired and restless.

To overcome this, we did a lot of fun activities towards the end and took it real slow.  Everyone was happy and needles to say, I 'survived' November! 

I have enjoyed writing reports (not to much, though), got great answers and suggestions from an amazing PLN on Twitter regarding iPads and had an enjoyable and very productive evening at EduIgnite!

I think I can breath again...

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