Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goals -> Balance in 2013!

The summer holidays are drawing to a close and I am looking forward to the challenges of this term. Therefore, I have also been thinking about my goals for 2013.

Professional Goals:
  • Ensure that each student will be getting the best individual learning experiences possible.  This year each student in my class will have their own Individual Learning Plan page on our class Wiki that will put an emphasis on their role in their learning experience, which I believe is crucial to a productive learning experience, as is achievement of their goals.
  • With this I am planning to provide students with opportunities so they could stay interested in learning, with a desire to keep inquiring, exploring and thinking.  I would like them to want  to learn
  • I won't sweat the small stuff and will only concentrate on my students, deliberate acts of learning and my teaching
  • Try something new, like different teaching approaches - looking forward to see where this idea might lead to
  • To engage in a developmental process of improving my practice by taking risks - here comes  'FAIL'
  • Continue to strive to complete my job to the best of my ability and to be a teacher who loves her job, love the subjects I teach and to care for each student so that they feel valued as an individual
Personal Goals:
  • This year I don't want to miss out on the present and will celebrate at the end of every day, little happenings/accomplishments. I will look at the here and now, not just reflect on and look at the bigger picture and what needs to be done
  • Keep on interacting with other teachers and my PLN.   I can't think of a better way to learn from each other
  • I need to keep my priorities straight, as I find it hard to stop in my search to finding new ideas on how I can enhance learning for my students.  I need to learn to stop and make time to relax and just have fun.
                    And this 5 W's of life will be added, as I see them appropriate for my sanity.

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