Saturday, April 13, 2013

Excited to be a teacher and learner

Despite a full on couple of weeks with lots of meetings and PD, I was looking forward to another EduIgnite evening on Thursday.  These evenings is invaluable to me as it helps me to better myself and provides me with an opportunity to look at lots of things differently and also enables me to put them into perspective.
I think teachers of today have one the hardest jobs in the world, with all the trends currently in education and most of the time we don't value ourselves as we should.  Why could this be?  Do we concentrate too much on all the things happening, which we might perceive as 'negative'?  Would that  change if we only concentrate on what we can do for our students, how we can improve ourselves and how we can make learning experiences the best ever?  I do believe so.      
I am excited to be a teacher and learner.  I love to 'hang out' with other teachers on Twitter.  I love the sharing, collaboration and support of teachers coming together and how it enables me to stay informed.  I love how I empower my students to share and collaborate through #kidsedchatnz and their e-portfolios.
Although I was not present at the following EduIgnite talk, I am again inspired.

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