Saturday, August 31, 2019

Convenient and Flexible Learning

I have had the opportunity to be involved in some online Professional Development this month through the 'Hive Summit', organised and hosted by Michael Matera. 

The themes were:
Day 1: #YouMatter and Day 2: Engaging and Empowering
  • You cannot compete with someone who believes that their contribution is needed by the world” - Angela Maiers
  • We’re not talking about a trick or drop-in lesson. We’re talking about a refined engagement system; something that can be put in place time and time again” - Michael Matera

Day 3: Shaking up learning and Day 4: Relationships 
  • We can’t let our own limitations be limitations for our students” - Kasey Bell
  • Once you know someone’s story, everything changes” - CJ Reynolds

Day 5: Leadership and Day 6: Leadership and Engagement
  • Empathy leads to relationships, leads to advocacy, leads to success” - Ted Neitzke
  • If I’m not excited about teaching it, they can’t be excited about learning it” - Michelle Ferré

Day 7: Productivity and Day 8: Play
  • "There is no 'One Size Fits All' for Productivity" - Lisa Johnson
  • [Students] don’t always get to flex their creative muscles” - Quinn Rollins

Day 9: Self-care
  • We are entitled to self-care” - Dan Tricarico

"The Hive Summit is a conference built for all educators and offers opportunities to learn, grow, and connect." -

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