Friday, December 4, 2020

End of an 'era'

Have you ever taken a step 'backwards' in your career to consciously chase more balance in your life and to be able to do things that will make you happy and not doing things, trying to please or appease others? 

Well... I have and therefore officially resigned from my position [4 December 2020] at the school where I have had various roles and responsibilities for 12 years! I just couldn't go with the 'flow' any longer and a lot of things that I saw broke my heart, but fixed my vision.

I have decided to stop saying yes to people and situations that don't support my well-being. Instead, I decided to say yes to my happiness, and yes to my growth, and yes to all the people and things that inspired me to be authentic and whole, while at the same time accepting me just as I am.

This was my message to the community...

Today, I also noted [some] of my original work published under some other staff member's name...

If you [for whatever reason] read this post, I just want to let you know that 'your poster' which is my work, recycled, is plagiarism. Sadly some education 'leaders' need to reflect on what it means to ask permission and give credit. You've left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm glad I no longer associate with you. 
No one does any work in our field for anything other than the children and communities we serve (which is a privilege), but passing off someone else’s work as your own and sharing it with no credit to the original source as your own idea is just sad.

I'm honestly happy to say this is the end to an 'era' for me and I leave with the following...

Quitting is for winners.

"Contrary to popular opinion, quitting is for winners.

Knowing when to quit, change direction, leave a toxic situation, 
demand more from life, give up on something that isn't working
and move on, is a very important skill that people who win at life
all seem to have.

But don't quit because it's hard.

Quit because it sucks."
(Source: Unknown)

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  1. You are an amazing leader and teacher! Thank you very much for caring for and teaching our children over the years.