Thursday, December 3, 2015

Collaborative, Constructionist & Constructivist learning (coding) and Developing a growth mindset (Leading change) (Week 5)

Digital & Collaborative Learning (DCL) - Collaborative, Constructionist and Constructivist learning (coding)

Mitchel Resnick creator of scratch used it to make an interactive card for his mum.

Learning about combining Scratch with MaKey MaKey. 

Group tasks:
  • Work collaboratively to use computer coding and electronics to create your own personalised musical instrument 

  • Use the video on the portal (Week 4: Top ten learning theories) and / or online resources to identify aspects of collaborative, constructionist and constructivist learning in the activity you have just completed.

  • Use the ITL Rubrics for ‘Collaboration’ and ‘Use of ICT skills for learning’ to assess the level at which these 21st Century skills have been addressed by this activity. Discuss ways in which the activity might be adapted, using principles of collaborative, constructionist and constructivist learning, to address these 21st Century skills at higher levels on the relevant rubrics.

Leadership in Digital & Collaborative Learning (LDC) - Developing a growth mindset (Leading change)

Discussed statements that intelligence is set by birth. The term 'growth mindset' refers to the belief that abilities can be developed and honed through dedication and hard work. In contrast a 'fixed mindset' is the belief that you are born with a level of talent and intelligence that really can't be changed. 

Carol Dweck's mindset

The theory is: mindset matters. A mindset is a mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and responds to situations.  Dweck maintains that how we feel about things like risk, learning, intelligence, tests, failure, effort (and other things) form our beliefs, and those beliefs can ultimately impact our performance and success.

Knowledge does not equal understanding. Be careful how you interpret things.

Collaborative taskBrainstorm ideas about developing a growth mindset in ourselves/our staff. You may like to take the Mindset Quiz
- Defer judgement
- Go wild with your ideas
- Build on the ideas of others
- Be visual (sketch)
- Stand up!

Do we role model mindset?
How might we build a growth mindset in out learners?
- Power of 'not yet'
- Talk about learning rather than work
- Use wall to document learning process as well as the final product
- Praise and reward effort, process, perseverance

TaskWrite a list of comments students say and write a growth mindset alternative.

Remember to build resilience, curiousity...

Group activityDesign a classroom activity (digital and/or collaborative) that will help your students explore/develop a growth mindset. 

SOLO help kids to think about their next step

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