Friday, December 18, 2015

Teaching Inquiry (Writing) Reflection

The main question in our 'Teaching as Inquiry (Writing)' was: "How can we accelerate the progress of our group of students to where they should be in relation to the National standards?"  Using some initial data and knowledge of our students, we were able to establish a baseline and direction.

  • What impact has the teaching had on students? -> Students were aware of what they know and about their next steps in their learning process. They became aware of the purpose for learning to write.
  • How do we know, what is the evidence? -> Students enjoyed writing and were using their skills to write for a purpose, such as 'persuasive letters' requesting a class pet, their 'writing journey' and some of their 'last stories'.
  • What do we need to do next? -> Explore other ways of introducing a writing topic. Keep students 'on track' with ongoing reflection and discussion.

Taking everything in consideration (as well as positive feedback from classroom observations), we feel confident that this inquiry was completed successfully.

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